Frequently asked questions

How do I wash a wool sweater? 

It is recommended to wash woolen sweaters in water at a temperature of no more than 30°C. If you use a washing machine, the recommended speed should not exceed 600. This is especially important when washing natural wool garments, as a higher water temperature will cause the knitted fabric to shrink. Wash your knitted garments with a mild detergent designed for wool, without bleach or softeners. If it is recommended to wash the knitted garment by hand only (especially for fluffy knitted garments), add baby shampoo to the water instead of detergent. The result will be pleasantly surprising - the knitted fabric will be extra soft.

How do I dry a washed sweater? 

Knitwear cannot be tumble dried! A wet knitted sweater can easily stretch, so it is best to dry it stretched out on a flat horizontal surface (e.g. a table) on a dry towel. To dry the sweater faster, towel dry it: lay the sweater on one dry towel and cover it with another towel, gently pressing it to absorb excess moisture.

Do I need to iron my wool sweaters?

Iron sweaters gently, without pressing the iron, but using hot steam. All irons have this function and are extremely easy to use. Sweaters, like other garments, are ironed on the reverse side. If the jumper is thicker and more difficult to iron on the reverse side, it is possible to iron on the good side of the jumper without pressing with the iron. The hot steam smoothes the wool hairs, making woolen products last longer.

Can the sweater be hung on a hanger?

The longevity of a sweater will also be affected by how it "rests" during the warmer months. A cardigan hanging in a wardrobe can stretch at the shoulder line, while a heavier cardigan can stretch, so it is best to hang them on the crossbar of a hanger, folded in half (e.g. like trousers). This way, you won't have to iron your cardigans as often. Alternatively, sweaters can be stored folded on a shelf or in a drawer. The JUSTE KNIT bag is perfect for storing your knitted garment at rest. Place a bag with lavender flowers next to the sweater - it will smell nice when you take it out of the wardrobe and protect it from moths.